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Top 5 Google Photos Alternatives You Can Try For Free Storage

You Can Try Best Google Photos Alternative Unlimited Free Storage

Today, many people are using the Google Photos service, which offers free, unlimited photo uploads until now. But from now on Google has removed this offer, now this offer has ended and now you will only get a free quote for storing 15GB, Which will also contain your Gmail data and other files. In such a case, it is obvious that your photo storage will fill up more quickly and Google will ask you to buy the Google One storage plan, which will cost you dearly. If you don't want to choose it, here are some Google Photos alternatives that allow you to make free storage for your memories.

You Can Try Best Google Photos Alternative Unlimited Free Storage

And all the other cloud services that offer storage plans, however, are not completely free. But you can definitely create a free account on them and use some of their free storage to back up your photos online. Here are the top 5 alternatives that might be better for you!

You Can Try  Amazon Prime  Photos Free Photo Storage

Amazon Photos Prime offers unlimited photo storage and non-Prime users get 5GB of free storage for photos and videos. You might also know that Amazon Prime membership starts at Rs. 999 per year but the thing to note is that you will get many other benefits along with this. To remember, let me tell you that Prime Membership also includes services like Prime Video, Free Shipping, Amazon Music, etc.

Amazon Prime  Photos Free Photo StorageNote: You get unlimited photo storage with a Prime plan membership, but you will get only 5GB for videos.

Features of Amazon Membership:

It auto-saves photos for backup on your phone thus freeing up space.

This service securely backs up your photos and videos with Amazon Web Services.

You can easily share photos and albums via SMS, Mail, and other apps.

In addition, it has the feature that you can access your photos on Fire TV, computer or Echo Show. Prime members can also search photos using keywords like location.

Plan cost: Amazon Photos includes Amazon Prime membership. If a non-Prime user only wants to use the Photos service, it costs $1.99 (about Rs 150) per month for 100GB.

You Can Try  Microsoft One Drive Free Photo Storage

Microsoft OneDrive can be considered as the best alternative to Google Photos due to its good services. OneDrive offers the chance to offer up to 5GB of free storage. But its plans are more useful because you give Microsoft users a chance to use their other services along with the One Drive plans.

Microsoft One Drive Free Photo Storage

OneDrive Features:

You can share all your files in OneDrive Browse all files in one place.

It automatically keeps on uploading photos and videos to your account using the backup itself.

You can open your OneDrive files in Microsoft Office apps as well as in other apps.

It also provides a gallery for photos in which you can easily view your photos and videos and you can also search your files and your folders easily.

👉Rules to use Google and Youtube will change from June 1

Gives you more features like moving, deleting, and renaming files and also creating new folders.

Plan cost: Microsoft OneDrive plan starts at Rs 130 per month for 100GB storage and up to Rs 650 per month for a 2TB plan. If you want to choose a family plan for other members of your family or else, then its cost will be around Rs 6,199 per year.

You Can Try  Apple Photos iCloud Free Use Storage

If you are also an iPhone user, then there is good news for you Apple Photos is the best Google Photos alternative for you. The best part of this is that Apple offers seamless integration into its ecosystem. In addition, the service offers powerful AI features and some amazing editing tools. And the best part is that it gives you up to 5GB of storage for free. But one problem is that this service cannot be used by android users.

Apple Photos iCloud Free Use Storage

Plan cost: In iCloud, you have to pay Rs 75 for 50GB and just Rs 749 for 2TB of storage. If you want to enjoy other Apple services as well, you can use Apple One which costs up to Rs 195 per month and also offers 50GB iCloud storage.

You Can Try  Flickr 1TB Free Use 1000 pictures Storage

Flickr is also an option for you to try out if you find Google's plans expensive. You can get real unlimited storage with Flickr for much less than Google's top 2TB plan. Also, while Google's unlimited storage plan only allows you to store photos up to 16MP, Flickr gives you the chance to store full-resolution photos.
You Can Try  Flickr 1TB Free Use 1000 pictures Storage

Flickr Features:

In this, you get to use private as well as public galleries and groups. You can share as well as comment on the photos of others.
Flickr also hosts billions of photos from tons of photographers that you can interact with through groups as well.
It offers you simple organization and sharing of photos. You can browse, select and organize hundreds of photos with just a single gesture and easily share them in seconds.
In Flickr, you can also easily edit your photos, add filters, crop them, and more.

Plan Cost: Flickr's monthly storage plan starts at $7.99 (approximately Rs. 580) and the annual plan costs $71.88 (approximately Rs. 5,200) and offers the chance to have unlimited storage. It also offers discounts on photo software, including a free two-month Adobe Creative Cloud Photography plan.

How To Get 2TB Dropbox Space For Free To Use  Storage 2021

Dropbox is also a cloud storage platform that gives 2TB free storage to all the users and they also offer paid plans. In this, you also get to use features like password and Dropbox transfer. You can easily sign up for your free Dropbox Plus trial and get the chance to use up to 2TB of storage.
How To Get 2TB Dropbox Space For Free To Use  Storage 2021
Dropbox Features:

It automatically uploads videos and photos taken from your camera roll to cloud storage in the background.
You can access your account files online as well as offline and without using any software.
It also offers easy photo and video sharing and the best part is that you can copy the link and send large files too.
You can share this link with anyone, even if they are not a user of Dropbox.
You can also scan your documents, receipts, and photos using its mobile app and easily convert them to PDF, so you can view them anywhere.

You can also sync files to Dropbox on your PC very easily using Your Computer Laptop Backup. It lets you recover old or deleted files with File Recovery.
Plan Cost: Storage plans start at $9.99 (roughly Rs.730).

Here are some alternatives to Google Photos that you can also try if you don't want to run out of storage and just buy a Google One plan. Tell us in the comments below which app or cloud service you are using for your photo storage or what you are thinking of using after reading this article.

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