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Rules to use Google and Youtube will change from June 1 Know in detail

Google and Youtube will change from June 1 Rule 

Big rules related to Google and Youtube will change from June 1! Now you may have to pocket it loosely and use it, then you are going to get expensive

There is going to be a lot of change in some technological world in the coming June, in such a situation it is very important to know about these changes because, in today's part-run life, there are hardly any people whose technology on everyday work. Don't get involved That is why it becomes very important to know about technological changes, so today we are going to tell you about two such important changes which are included in your daily lifestyle and you use them daily.

Google and Youtube will change from June 1 Rule

Google's free cloud storage for your photos is shutting down from June 1: Google is now going to stop free storage for its application Google photos. Google Photos, which is used by millions of users in the world. From next month, Google will now give you only 15 GB of cloud storage for free, in which you will get the same space for all Google products.

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Now you have to subscribe to Google's Google One for more than 15 GB of space on Google Cloud. In this, for 100 GB of storage, you will have to pay Rs 130 for storage space per month or Rs 1,300 on an annual basis. Whereas if you want to take 200 GB, then you have to pay 210 every month, you have to pay 2100 rupees for the whole year, in such a way, if you want to keep your memory safe, then to save your old memories, you should download them to your computer or laptop. Or store it on your phone Or else you have to save it in your pen drive.

You will have to pay tax on earnings from YouTube

Today, a lot of people are making money by making videos as craters on YouTube, and for those who are living on this platform, it is a piece of bad news for them from now on, ie from June 1, we will have to pay tax as USA tax, which is Will have an effect on their earnings

Google and Youtube will change from June 1 Rule

In fact, YouTube has now decided to collect tax from YouTube creators outside the USA. By the way, the relief in this is that you will have to pay tax only on the views of the US citizen. This simply means that your video will be watched in the USA, so the amount of earnings that remain from that video will be 24% deducted from that recording.

This policy of YouTube will start on June 1, 2021. And those who have filled the USA tax form will earn only 15% of their earnings if they are from India.

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