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Telegram Premium subscription announced to offer file share up to 4GB

 Telegram Premium subscription service, to offer file share up to 4GB

Big news Telegram has announced a new premium subscription service for its users. The company has announced that it now has over 700 million users on the Telegram platform. The company says that Telegram Premium will offer exclusive features, including faster download speeds, larger file size uploads, etc.

Telegram Premium subscription service

So let's know what is the special thing in  Telegram Premium subscription service, first of all, if you talk about it, then you will get fast download speed for the user.

It would be a good thing, this would save their time and the company says that you should have 4GB so that you can easily share or upload both the files.

Which makes the user's experience easy, so let's see ahead, whether they have plans in Telegram Premium subscription service.

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