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Do E-Verification Of The Income Tax Return In These Best 5 Ways

Best 5 Ways E-Verification Of The Income Tax Return

As you know, you have to file Income Tax Return (ITR) by 31st July, in any case, after that the biggest hassle will be to take out its printout and send it to CPC in Bangalore. Then it will be humbling that whether the document has reached me yet or not. Because ITR will be considered only if ITR-V ie receipt is not received. But now you can avoid these hassles. Now away has come, it is also called Electronic Verification Code (EVC) With the start of its issuance process, you can easily know the complete information online yourself.
Best 5 Ways E-Verification Of The Income Tax Return

First, you log in to Click on e-File. The dropdown has options for e-Verify and Generate EVC. You will get 4 options in EVC. And as soon as you log in, you get the option of Aadhaar first.

You are going to get more options, you can see below
1. One-time password (OTP) for registration of email and mobile number
2. Aadhaar OTP
3. Net Banking
4. Bank Account Number
5. Demat Account Number
Best 5 Ways E-Verification Of The Income Tax Return

EVC can be done by registered email id and mobile number
– This option is for those with an annual income of less than Rs 5 lakh, who do not want any refund.
First of all, a code is sent to your mobile number and email, through which registration can be done on the Income Tax website. This OTP Code will be valid for 72 hours only.

EVC can be done from Aadhaar
First of all, keep in mind that on e-filing, Aadhar cards should be linked to PAN.
OTP will be sent to the registered mobile with the Aadhaar number, which will be valid only for 10 minutes.

EVC can be done through net banking
Ongoing to this option, you will get a list of banks, from which choose your bank.
After this, you will reach the net banking of your bank. Log in there and confirm e-verify very easily.
Refund will automatically reach the account which you have entered at the time of filing the return. This account can also be different from the account with e-verification.
Best 5 Ways E-Verification Of The Income Tax Return

EVC can be done from the bank account
The bank account number should be already registered and verified.
For verification, enter information like bank name, account number, IFSC code, and mobile number on the site.
After verification, click on Yes for EVC.

EVC can be done from the Demat account
You can enter the Demat account number in the profile setting menu on the e-filing site.
Enter the account number, email id, and mobile number.
- All these will be verified by registered PAN and name on CDSL/NSDL.
After verification, select the option of 'Generate EVC'. EVC will arrive over email.

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