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Beware Phonepe Request Money UPI scam How you can stay Safe

Beware Phonepe UPI Payments frauds How you can Stay Safe

Just like you would know, today is the time of online payment, people are getting as much trouble as they have been because they are being fraudulent with people and people are cheating on new times in today's time. If you also use PhonePe, then it is important for you to know that today I will tell you one way if you keep this in mind, then there will be no cheating on you, so let's know by details

Beware Phonepe UPI Payments frauds

Most of us are aware that we should not share our bank account, ATM card, or OTP details with an unknown caller. But do you know that fraudsters can cheat you even without all these details? Request money fraud is on the rise these days, and you too can become a victim, even if the fraudster knows your phone number.

Anyone who uses PhonePe would probably also know that the 'Request' feature on the PhonePe App allows an individual to send you a payment request, where the amount is filled by the requestor. People are taking advantage of this feature and doing fraud with people.

Beware Phonepe UPI Payments frauds

By the way, this feature has been made to ask for money from someone and the mistake is that once someone has sent the request, a pop-up opens on your PhonePe app.

Beware Phonepe UPI Payments frauds

You just have to pay by clicking on the 'Pay' button and entering the UPI PIN. This is the advantage of this feature and people are taking advantage of this and people do not even understand, people think that we are getting money and cheat in this

Beware Phonepe UPI Payments frauds

You always have to take care of one thing, there is no popup or option to accept payment, whenever you make a payment, then your payment comes directly into your account, always pay attention to this matter. Be sure to pay attention to From now on if anyone gives you a payment request and you do not know who is the payer or receiver, you can also 'reject' the request, in which case the request is invalid. Before declining, and you can also block the requestor - this will prevent all future payment requests from being sent to you by that person. This is safe for you

how Request Money frauds work Here

Understand their fraudsters reply to your sales listings on Quikr, OLX, and other sites

You have put a product of any kind on OLX, Quikr, or any similar site to sell. The fraudster looks at your listing and calls you saying that he is interested in buying your product. They also tell you that they exist to pay in person and want to pay you money using the PhonePe app. They can build their credibility by telling you That they work for the army, police, government, etc.

While you are on the call, the fraudster will ask you to open your PhonePe app and send you a collect-call request for the amount that is for your listing. Sometimes fraudsters use the PhonePe logo as their profile picture.

And will tell you that I am speaking from the PhonePe office or PhonePe Employee, which you can see in Collect Call Request. They also put a message on the 'Pay' button with instructions like 'Once paid, you will get money and also tell. This is a fraudulent message. To get money on PhonePe, you never have to click on the 'Pay' button or enter your UPI PIN. Here you have to pay attention

Some examples of such fraudulent messages are “Payment was successful Rs. xxx "," You received money "," Click here for bank transfer to receive ", and so on.

Beware Phonepe UPI Payments frauds

Sometimes the fraudster will call you that we are talking to representatives of companies like Flipkart, Myntra, etc.

In this situation, the fraudster will usually call you saying congratulations you have won so much money and tell you that you need to have a phonepe or Paytm to get the money.

Beware Phonepe UPI Payments frauds

You Need To Remember A Few Things To Stay Safe Online

You never need to enter 'Pay' or your UPI PIN to receive money on PhonePe. An actual sender just needs your phone number to send you money.

If you've been sent a fraudulent collect-call request, decline it called Decline and contact PhonePe Support on the app.

PhonePe never asks for confidential information by calling or messaging. If you ask for any such details as a PhonePe representative, please ask them to send you an email. Only reply to email from @ domain.

Do not search for PhonePe customer support numbers on Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc. The only official way to access PhonePe customer support is

Never call/respond to unverified mobile numbers claiming to be PhonePe support.

Join us only on our official accounts on various social media platforms.

Twitter handle:

Facebook Account:

If your card or account details are compromised:

Report on

Phonepe Customer Care Number

To talk to PhonePe customer care, you can directly go to the PhonePe website and call the number

Make sure to contact your nearest cyber cell and file a police complaint.

Someone asked me👉phone pe se mujhe request aaya 4999 rs ka phir call ki aap ko itna paisa mil raha hai aap phone pe app open kar k request ko pay kare uske baad aap k a/c me balance aa jayega balance to nahi aaya mera hi balance cut gaya to ab kya karu mai

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