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Youtube Sponsorship For Small Channels

How To Get Sponsorship On Youtube

The best-earning source for all content creators, especially for Youtubers. There are many companies that want to promote on popular YouTube channels or various social media platforms. But most of these channels related to Tech and Earning earn more. Because these companies give maximum support to them, this is why small YouTubers with channels based on Gaming, Cooking, Vlog, and many other topics do not get sponsorship. But you guys do not worry, today I am going to tell you the solution to this problem.

How To Get Sponsorship On Youtube

Today I will give you the number of such Sponsorship companies who want promotion on every category channel. All you have to do is send the link to your channel and if they like your channel, they will definitely sponsor you.

Types of Sponsorships:

Although there are 3 types of sponsorship, today I will only tell you about two types of sponsorship.Example:-Event sponsorship, Dedicated Sponsorship, Integrated Sponsorship,

1. Dedicated Sponsorship

In this type of sponsorship, you have to make the entire video on one mobile app. Generally, such sponsorships are mostly related to tech and earnings. If you make a video on Earning Apps, then you can get a lot of sponsors related to Earning Apps.

2. Integrated Sponsorship

In this type of sponsorship, companies do not usually see the type of video you make, regardless of what type of video you make, but they pay more attention to the number of views you receive on your video. And if someone promotes on social media, then their followers also pay more attention. All channels and social media are right for this type of sponsorship. All that is needed is a good active channel with a well-defined criterion (a particular place). If you do this then there is no need for more discretion or more followers.

3.Event sponsorship

 Such an event sponsor is a company that supports an event in return for a valuable item, usually by providing funds. Often this comes in the form of an opportunity to access participant data, opportunities to speak at the event, or discounted event tickets, to boost in "something valuable" brand exposure.

Important Notice:

Just send a link to your channel to those sponsors and tell them that you can promote their app or platform. If they reply, it is good, but if they do not reply, please do not annoy them by sending them repeated messages or calls. By doing this, they can also blacklist your channel and they will not partner or sponsor you in the future. Also remember, if they ask you where you got their number from, do not take my name. Just tell them that you got their mail which was in the spam section and now you have deleted that mail.

Integrated sponsorship contact list India:-


This company provides sponsorship to every criteria channel. The best thing about this company is that it also gives opportunities to channels with low average views. This company sponsors only one video of a particular channel.

How To Get Sponsorship On Youtube

Taxaal App is basically an earning app, it is an investment app where you can earn 9 times the amount you invest. In your video, you have to promote this app for about 40-50 seconds at the beginning of your video or in between.


Rs 400 {Average Views: 200}

Rs 1000 {Average Views: 1k-2k}

Rs 2000 {Average Views: 3k-4k}

Rs 3000 {Average Views: 10k}

Binomo:-This company also gives sponsorship to the channels of every category, but this company has some policy, it does not sponsor channels whose views are low. If you have about 5K views in your video then you can contact this company. It usually sponsors 6-8 videos. If the effect is good, they will be associated with you for a lifetime.


3k for 10k average views

5k for 20k average views

11 Wickets:-This company gives sponsorship to every criterion channel and the best thing is that the channel with a low view also. It says that you upload a total of 8 videos (2 videos per week) and then you are paid in full at one go. It is a 100% trustworthy company, but you should have 300 to 500 views on your channel. It does not give many sponsors but if you get bonding or make your video or get a good engagement from your channel, then you can remain in touch with you for a long time.


Rs 300 for average views 200-500

Rs 500 for average views 1k

Rummy Wealth:-This company usually sponsors channels with airing but sometimes they also sponsor channels that get heavy traffic views. They also offer integrated promotion as well as dedication.

Price for Dedicated:

Rs 1000 {Average Views: 500-1000}

Rs 3000 {Average Views: 3000}

Rs 5000 {Average Views: 10,000}

1xBet:-This company also sponsors all categories of channels. The best thing is that you can also become an agent of the 1xBet App or you can charge for making videos. They sponsor all types of channels and they want more integrated publicity.


Rs 1000 {500-1000 Average Views}

Rs 3000 {5000 Average Views}

Nox Cleaner:-This company gives sponsorship to the channels of every category. But it does not give a good price but if you do not get any sponsor, then you can contact this company for sponsoring.


Rs 500 {1000 Average Views}

Sunshine App:- But a dedicated full video will be made. The best thing is that even if you get fewer views on your channel, this company will give you sponsor and most of the sponsors are only on Tech


Rs 500 {Average Views 500}

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