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Who is this Rampal Baba who is being known as Dhongi Baba

History of  Saint  Rampal:

This is the same Baba in the year 2014 Satlok Ashram in Hisar.

The dead body of four women and one child

Later on Rampal and his 27 followers

Murder and wrongful confinement of people

Was accused of 

2006: Charged with the murder of Arya Samaji 

2006: Forgery Case

2010-14: Skipped court hearings 42 times

2014: His follower formed a militia preventing police from arresting him

2018:Found guilty of 2 murder

Baba's gaze on the bathroom!

By the way, inside and outside in Baba's ashram, countless

CCTV cameras are installed. But the secret is that

Baba put CTV cameras on female toilets too

Were. It is being told that the screen of these CCTVs is Rampal

From the very special restroom to the places she was engaged in,

Where no one was allowed to go except Baba.

By the way, Baba's ashram has 854 bathrooms, 254 restrooms.

Have been made. But according to sources Baba's cameras

Women used to stare at the bathroom more. Police constantly,

Is investigating this and exposes Baba

The truth behind white robes

Police during a search operation in Baba's Satlok Ashram A large cache of arms was recovered. In search

The police took three revolutions, four rifles, 26 from the ashram.

Recovered air gun and 03 cartridges.

Hisar. Saints who preach hypocrisy in the name of faith

Rampal was arrested on Wednesday night. police

Now search in Rampal's Satlok Ashram located in Barwala

Is running the operation. In this search operation, from the ashram

Anything recovered is shocking. After this seizure, more investigation is going on and more will be revealed. Stay connected with us for more information.

Those who were born from Asaram's cave considered Asaram as Bapu and those who were born from Rampal's uncle and now you are understanding Rampal above and the reality is and criminal person.

Still his bhakts trends something nonsense daily. It's a very clear example of brainwashing.


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