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Can Diabetes patients In India get Covid 19 vaccinated

Diabetes patients get the vaccine yes, they can be absolutely right, but some precautions will have to be taken, so let us know which precautions we will have to take.

Hyperglycaemia (High Blood Sugar)

If your Diabetes level has increased, then you should first try to normalize your Diabetes level and until your Diabetes level is normal then do not think to get vaccinated at all, then you may have a lot of trouble.

Hyperglycaemia  High Blood Sugar

When your Diabetes label becomes normal, take the cold fever medicine before applying the vaccine because you may get a cold fever after the vaccine is administered, remember the medicine first and then you can get the vaccine and then Eat medicine.

Hypoglycemia (Low Blood Sugar)

If your sugar level is reduced, then you should normalize your sugar level before putting Covid-19 and when your doctor says it, then you should take it only, but before that, you should take cold and fever medicine from your own doctor. You should eat this medicine twenty minutes after taking it and resting it.

Adults Age And Older Covid-19 Vaccines

If you are old or have a family member in your home, then they should take care of some things before applying the vaccine such as blood sugar level should be normal and there should be no complaint of cold and fever, no
Hypoglycemia  Low Blood Sugar

pain in the head. Should you have heart disease, then ask the doctor before getting a vaccine or not If you do not have any of these diseases, then you can get the vaccine without any problem.

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