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What is the keyword Why SEO is Important?

 What Are Keywords? Why Are Keywords Important to SEO? 

Hello friends, in today's post, we will talk about what is Keyword and it is not necessary for SEO and also we will also know how many types of keywords are there. What is the meaning of the keyword, what is the SEO Definition of the keyword (What is Why is it necessary for the definition of the keyword ) and Search Engine Optimization, we will know all these things from the details here.

 Just like you would know that to become successful in, In today's Internet world, we have to understand many terms of the Internet but not so easy and also do not know everything immediately, slowly about all these terms Shows that are very helpful in our success

     What is the keyword

     A lot of people think even at today's time, what is this keyword brother, then the keyword is also a term of a similar internet search which plays a very important role in SEO.

    If you also work on a blog, then you must be aware that more than 80% of the traffic in a blog comes from only 5% of the posts in which the keywords were used correctly, but there is one thing that you must know One depends on whether your blog is new or old, which is a new blog, but it gets less traffic but there is a lot of traffic on the blog which is old.

     What Are The keywords?

    Now we know what the keywords are, so let's know that what we search on the internet is called a keyword like - we search in Google what the website is (website kya hai) it is also a keyword | This is called a keyword and at the same time there are many types of keywords, they are both small and big. Those who have different names, whatever is on the Internet, have been published on some keyword.

     If we say it in easy language, then whatever we search in Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, and other search engines in easy language, when that keyword starts to become a bit popular i.e. people who search more become keywords. | That is called the keyword

    What does the keyword mean?

     Look at whoever speaks the keyword, but does not know what is the matter and what it means, then let us know which is the name of the keyword. Or there are sentences above which the document has to be named so that it helps in getting the rank.

     The keyword document defines what type of keyword it should show in searching. The keyword is also called the short form of a document in which it helps to rank.

    The way a man speaks on calling a person by his name, in the same way, the name of the file also is called the keyword.

     What Is The Target Keyword

     Whenever we do some search on the Internet, we are shown webpages, documents, videos, etc. related to that keyword. According to the SEO, the owner of the webpage, video, document keeps using this keyword to come to this first page, so we can see it in the first page, i.e. the keywords in which a document is shown in the search result. These are called target keywords.

     Why Keywords Are Important

     If you are also a Blogger, YouTuber, website owner, etc. then you would like to get traffic to your document or website from Google. You have published a document on the Internet, but how will the search engine know what this document is about, that's why we need a lot of keywords to use.

     You will get to see many types of keywords on the Internet, but it depends on the user how he searches the keywords. People have different keywords according to their needs.

     Short Tail Keyword

     Keywords of one to three words are called short-tail keywords like - if you want to know about youtube then you will search Example. What Is YouTube

     Long Tail Keyword

     The keyword which uses more than three words is called a long-tail keyword. Like - What Is Blogging In English

    LSI keyword

     These are similar to the keywords searched by the user, such as you might have searched anything on Google or YouTube, so if you have paid attention, you will see many keywords while searching, which are searching for the same. Relayed to

     Geo-targeting keywords

     Some keywords are such that depend on language, location, name, etc. It makes no sense to search in other places. This is called Geo-targeting keywords.

     What Is The LSI keyword?

     The LSI flower form is Latent Semantic Indexing. LSI keyword can be ranked in a keyword similar to its target keyword.

    If we use the target keyword and LSI keyword correctly in our meta description, then it helps in ranking our posts in the search engine.

     The Difference Between LSI And Long-Tail Keyword

     Long Tail Keyword is the keywords that users search and LSI keywords are those which are similar to the keywords searched by the user. I hope you guys understand what the differences are between long-tail keywords and LSI keywords.

    How to use LSI keyword

     Below you are told some sources from where you can find out the LSI keyword very easily. So that you can also rank the post on Google's first page

     To find the LSI keyword, take the help of search in Google and search in Google Example. What is keyword

     Below we have given some website names, with the help of which you can find LSI keywords very easily.

    How to find LSI keyword

     Here are some sources from where we will help in finding LSI keyword

     Google search


     Twinword Ideas LSI Graph

     LSI Graph

     Semantic Link

     LSI Keywords

     Ultimate Keyword Hunter

     Answer The Public

     Keyword Tool

     KW Finder

     What Is Keyword Density?

     First of all, we know what the keyword density is and how it is measured. By keyword density, it shows how many times a keyword has been used in our content. Every 100 words are seen by the search engine to see how much keyword density is there. If you have used the keyword 4 times in 100 words, then the keyword density will be 4%.

     What Is Keyword Stuffing?

    When we use the same keyword multiple times in our content, i.e. increase the keyword density, it is called keyword stuffing in the blogging world.

     Using keywords multiple times in the content gets rank in that keyword, that's why many people start using more keywords. But this is also wrong in a way, not so much that he should.

     We get rank by keyword stuffing, but if we will do so in many posts, then the search engine also reduces our rank.

     If the keyword density is good, then our posts also rank good. If our keyword density is too high or low, we cannot get a rank. So this should always be taken care of whenever we write articles

     How much should keyword density be

    The keyword density should be kept between 1.5 - 2.5%, along with that our main keyword, LSI keyword, Long Tail keyword should be used properly. And there are many keyword density tools available on the Internet, with the help of which you can check keyword density such as keyword density calculator, etc.

     Keywords are very important to rank our site or blog in a good position in Google, so use them in your post, but do not get as much in need if you do not get involved in it, then later you will regret it

     Always research three to four keywords thoroughly before writing articles so that your website and posts can be easily ranked on Google's first page

     Now you must have understood what the keywords are and their type is important for SEO. Apart from this, you will also know how many types of keywords are there, I sincerely hope that you will have understood well, if you still have any time frame, then you should tell me to answer your questions in full. I will chase and if you have not followed yet, then follow us quickly so that you will get any such post first.

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