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How To Create YouTube Video Downloader Tool in blogger

 How To Make YouTube Video Downloader Tool in blogger

Hello, friends! Welcome to our blog. So as you have understood after reading the title, today we will talk about how to create a YouTube video and audio downloader website and also know how to make it.

And the script about which I will tell you from the Blogger Me Gradient YouTube Video Downloader Tool Website Kaise Banaye?

How To Create YouTube Video Downloader Tool in blogger

So we will know all these things in this article. So stay tuned in this article and you will have to read the entire article for complete information only then you will understand it well.

As you people would know, Youtube has been on Boom for 6 years now. Because YouTube is Google's own product. And is the world's largest online video streaming platform. And in today's time, almost everyone in the world uses YouTube.

And in such a situation, you will know that on YouTube, we do not give any option to download in External Download. However, whether it is video or audio, YouTube does not offer an option to download in the gallery.

How To Create YouTube Video Downloader Tool in blogger

Youtube Video Downloader Script for Blogger Download

In such a way, people find different ways to download the file, so in such a situation, a tool is becoming very viral on the Internet nowadays.

Some people will also know the name of this tool, let's tell you, then the name of this tool is YouTube Video Downloader Tool youtube downloader.

With the help of this tool, you can easily download any YouTube video and audio in your File Manager.

By the way, such Android Application is available on the Internet, with the help of which you can download. But almost people use an online web tool.

Steps to Create a Youtube Video Downloader Tool in Blogger/Blogspot

The main reason for this is that who will download so many applications, at this time, people use web tools for this only.

How To Create YouTube Video Downloader Tool in blogger

Now the question may be arising in the minds of the people about a blogger's question. How can we create a YouTube video downloader tool in Blogger?

Because we and you know that all the Internet has Youtube Video Downloader Tool, it is all made in PHP Language Script. But when it comes to Blogger or Blogspot, PHP does not support these platforms. As you know, only HTML, JavaScript, and CSS are supported in it.

But the script that I am going to give to you today is the first thing that you are going to get for free, the second biggest thing is that you can use this script in blogger Blogspot of any error and trouble without any problem. To be

How to add youtube video downloader to blogger

So now it comes to know how to download this script and how to use this script, for this, you had already spoken to people that if you do not read the article completely, then you will not understand it.

Now let's talk about how this script will work. When you create a website through this script, you will look like a single page. There is a very simple interface.

Whatever file you want to download here For example, if you have any video and audio, you just have to copy the link to that file and come to this website and paste the link. After paste, you will get a button below, with which you will have to select the mode in whatever format. You want to download a file that contains any of the audio and video.

After that you will see the download button below, you can download your file by clicking on the button.

Now let's talk about how to download this script-src from which you can also make your own website very well and you can also earn good money, you will be seeing the download button and clicking on it, the file is absolutely free. a can of

Click on Theme Section

First, you Go to Blogger/Blogspot Dashboard

Now have to scroll down and select the simple blog template, after selecting it, click on it and apply

Now Click On Customize Arrow & Click On Switch to Sample Theme  

Now Click On Switch Without a Backup & Now Turn off Navbar 

Click On Edit HTML & Copy Code Bellow

Remove all Code & Paste New Code Here

Now Click on Save Theme, That’s All

Now Your Youtube Video Downloader Script for Blogger Tool is Ready to Use

Our How to Create YouTube Video & Audio Downloader Tool in Blogger

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  1. Thanks bro great information keep sharing with us more information.Techbuddies popular tools

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  4. Can you make a tool that can download porn videos please?

    I saw a tool on ExtraCrunch but couldn't download it. I want to clone WebNistan.

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  6. I read your whole blog. And like you, I have a perfect video downloader blog.

  7. I read your whole blog. And like you, I have a perfect video downloader blog.