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smytten free trials review smytten app reviews

Smytten app 6 trial free box

Smytten Company is best for all online shopping apps this apps portal gives us 6 trial products like beauty product app, fragrances, soaps, chocolates, bags, candy, healthy products, and many more, we can get more products

smytten free trials review smytten app reviews

This app is the best of all. I have taken many products.there are some rules for buying products. I have bought many products, that too for
free trials, you can also take this free product very easily.

Smytten Free Sample Product.

Here you will find premium brands products for absolutely free. This company offers customer service even after giving you the product, if you have any problem then along with premium products and services, there is also good quality.

smytten free trials review smytten app reviews

If you also want to get a product from this company for free, then you don't have to do much to process it in a simple way, which anyone can do, first of all, you will be seeing the click button in this article by clicking on it You have to download, you have to register

smytten free trials review smytten app reviews

What do you need to register? First of all, you know that you have your full name and date of birth and your mobile number and your gender Male Female whatever you are, then after that an OTP will come on your mobile number.

After the OTP arrives, you have to put the OTP and after the entry, you have to verify, after doing so, you will get 6 six points, from that point you can take the trial product, only you have to pay the shipping charge.

smytten free trials review smytten app reviews

Now you will be thinking in your mind how much shipping charge will have to be paid if you have to pay, then you will have to pay 199 shipping charges, now you are thinking, if you have to pay shipping charges then how will this product be free

So let me tell you, you have to pay 199 shipping charges first, however you can also deliver it on cod cash on delivery, when your product is delivered, you will be given 169 in this app, which you can add 30 rupees and ask for the product again.

smytten free trials review smytten app reviews

In this way, you can ask for an unlimited bar product, but the money with this point which is given in your smytten app will have to be done before 28 days or else it expires so that you will not be able to do it after that.

And take care of one thing always, you will get only 6 points and when you start taking the product, first see how many points the product is like as I have told you earlier, you get only 6 points, so if you get 1 point stuff If you take 6 products, then if you take 4 points of goods, then you will end up with 4 points in one item, you will only have 2 points left.

Smytten Referral Code Smytten Referral

There is also a referral program in this app, through this program you can take the product for free, you will get 200 cash on each referral, which you can do to take the product.

In the same way, if you have not used our referral code yet, then you can use our referral code. If you also want to take 6 products absolutely free, then please use my referral code.

My Referral Code:- eKgua

Smytten Makeup Trial Kit

I had also ordered some beauty products for myself, which you guys can see. I have shown it through screenshots. I have also got 6 products and one product extra for free, just I had to pay shipping charges and now I can see now 169 rupees have been given in my wallet, which I can now ask for any 6 items by paying 30 rupees.

smytten free trials review smytten app reviews

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  1. Smytten is FAKE and Do not Deliver, Beware. Check their App and other sites before purchasing.

    First of all, they are charging for free items. Shipping charge is 199 and there is COD charge of 50. They don't deliver on time, and there is no refund. Such a 3rd rate company. If you ask to refund they say shipping is already processed no refund. Ask about delay, it's beyond our control. They recently got 6 million dollar investment. I do not really understand which fools invest in such a 3rd rate company.

    My order is 2761738, supposed to be delivered on 2nd September 2021, now they made delivery date as 7th September 2021. The item is still in Ahmadabad.

    Don't use, waste of money.